When can I expect my witty caps to arrive?

Hey there, eager beaver! So, here's the scoop: Our products are tailor-made just for you, right when you order. That way, we're slashing waste and keeping things fresh. Typically, it takes us 2-4 days to whip up your order before we send it off on its grand adventure. After that, shipping times vary depending on where you call home sweet home:

  • Europe: Give it 4-7 business days.
  • UK/USA: Hang tight for 3-5 business days.
  • International: Settle in for 7-10 business days of anticipation.


Where's the journey starting for my order?

For our pals in the EU, your goodies will set off from one of our fulfillment hubs right here in the heart of Europe. Stateside? We've got you covered too, with our trusty fulfillment centers scattered across North America. (Pssst, exceptions are our corduroy wonders, which kick off their journey from the EU.)


How can I keep tabs on my soon-to-be treasures?

Once your order is en route, we'll shoot you a tracking link faster than you can say "parcel patrol." Need more info or just fancy a chat? Reach out to us at hello@staywitty.com. We're all ears! 🚀🔍